Your Special YEM Offer
Hello YEM Fan, 

thank you for your interest in purchasing YEM. You will become part of a strong community and will soon become very wealthy.

In order to have me create a sell order for the current price, let me know the following information
First name
Last name
Pernum (Your 10 Digits Login Number)
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The PERNUM is your unique Wallet ID. No Pernum yet? Get one here >>> 
How does the procedure go?
This video is a demonstration of the YEM Private sell order procedure. It shows both the sellers and the buyers perspective by creating (seller), accepting (buyer) and releasing (seller). Your part is the BUYERS PERSPECTIVE (Accept). 
What will happen next, after I sent my buying request?
In the next Step you will get instructions for the submitted payment method. Also your order will be created on the DIGITAL EXCHANGE CENTER (OTC Market) where you can claim it easily with just 1 click and see your YEM instantly in your PERNUM MULTI WALLET as well as at your DIGITAL WALLET CENTER.  In order to get all related websites at a glance go to 
If you pay your purchased YEM within 24 hours, you will receive 100% digital Cashback in FYEM* on top as a welcome gift. *Read here about the meaning and purpose of FYEM.

With kind regards, 
Dirk Herfurth 

Contact me for personal assistance:

By sending in your information you agree to buy the requested
amount of YEM and get payment instructions.

This is not a game or test etc..
You are going to trigger a serious buy process.
Please think again carefully whether you really want to send this order bindingly. Setting up your order incurs fees, which I am happy to cover. However, if you let the payment deadline communicated by email pass without result, I will open a dispute on the DEC. This may result in your account/wallet being suspended indefinitely. In addition, you will be charged the additional fees incurred for the dispute procedure. Therefore, in your own interest, 
I ask you to only click the button if you seriously intend to pay for the YEM ordered. In case you are not fully sure about what you do, please read the written tutorial: